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Power supply 10…15V DC by two independent circuits
One with permanent supply for critical devices (ex.: medical)
Circuit supplies 20 outputs:
– Outputs grouped into 4
– Each group can be activated permanently or after placing the key in the ignition.
– Outputs with 25A RMS / 50A peak

All outputs are protected by fuses and transient voltages (TVs).
One for the controlled power outputs
Circuit supplies 28:
2 combined outputs for motor direction control and capable of delivering up to 15A Rms / 30A peak with a fuse and transient voltage suppressor (TVs)

All 2 outputs have:
– 22 SSR outputs for general use with:
– Ability to obtain up to 25A Rms / 50A peak.
– Current limiting protection by fuse and SSR limit
– Transient voltage suppressor

4 outputs for PWM control protected by TVs and PTC fuse limited to 8A.

4 outputs for signal or power deviation up to 15A Rms / 30A peak
6 Interfaces for HMI devices:
2 USB 2.0
4 RS232 for auxiliary keyboards

16 digital inputs:
8 active low (GND)
4 active high (+ 12v)

4 analog inputs for level measurement (eg battery level, current consumption)
4 interfaces for temperature sensors

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Dimensions: 350x200mm