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Innovation, honesty and loyalty are some of the pillars of our organization, which combined with tremendous technical experience, allows us to move towards success.


We design and implement the best business solution for your company. As custumer, you will come to see us either with precise ideas of your future product, or in the simplest case you just have a notion you would like to have checked for feasibility.


Following the consulting stage, we will work out a concept on this basis. Based on this concept, we prepare the development stage and incorporate in consultation with you any options and extension possibilities.


Especially in the case of innovative projects, it may be an advantage to build a prototype. The prototype will reveal important functions or stumbling blocks. Our broad technical know-how will then enable us to improve the properties of your product.


We offer you our know-how and our skills for strengthening your market position. For manufacturing the components, we use the SMD assembly line, an automatic optical inspection system, THT assembly stations and a processor-controlled wave soldering system.

Support Centre

We will help you find solutions. We will be available for you fast and without unnecessary bureaucracy, since we make a point of ensuring the shortest possible distances between Development, Production and Service.


Our mission is to create a good, healthy partnership with our customers. As a customer you will be always updated with the most quality and recent functionalities.

Software Development

Hoplon has a deep level of expertise and experience in software developed across the board. This includes software in support of modeling and simulation, data collection from sensors, signal and data processing using modern compute-intensive techniques, sensor operation and control, data processing and data analysis and result synthesis.

Hoplon provides tailored solutions for complex software requirements using an agile development approach, state of the art programming languages, and best-of-breed development tools.

Hardware Development

Hoplon has exceptional credentials and extensive experience in developing sophisticated real-time related hardware such as passive and active radar components, data acquisition systems, real-time signal and data processing chains, test equipment for sensors and telemetry, and system monitoring and housekeeping systems.  This experience includes analog and digital electronic design and prototyping, printed circuit board design, and component development and testing.

Hoplon is particularly adept at developing hardware that enables rapid system research, development, and prototyping, using existing and custom-developed components.  These development efforts also greatly benefit from the company’s very strong software expertise.  This optimum mixture of hardware and software expertise allows coordinated rapid system development.

Firmware Development

In Firmware Development, our engineers work close to the hardware on which their software runs. We design, develop and deliver embedded firmware for a variety of devices running without a high-level operating system such as Windows or Linux.

Using either bare metal or a real-time operating system (RTOS) these systems have specific hard real-time capabilities that are addressed by our firmware solutions for you.

Reliability & Security

ISO 9001 certification of the company since 2009. EMC approval of all our products.

Ergonomics & Flexibility

A range of products that meets all needs thanks to easy configuration via the software provided.

More than 16 years of innovation

Expertise in the centralised management of equipment added to any converted vehicle.

Conception & Production

From design to production, HOPLON develops its own product range.

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