Nowadays, with the advent of IT technologies, we are living in the era of the Technological Revolution. With the most technologically demanding population, it is essential to create solutions that can exceed user expectations. SIT Security No Panic is a complete communication solution, which allows users to communicate immediately, in emergency situations or imminent danger.



The mobile application SIT Security No Panic instantly communicates emergencies and other events, for an immediate and simplified response from the entire internal security team, as well as all responsible personnel at the defined location.



After activating the emergency button, a predefined notification is sent to all defined personnel and / or security personnel on site. In addition to the notification, the team will have access to additional details about the location of the incident, type of incident, victim of the incident and more. This helps the security team to determine the next steps, even before arriving at the site, as the best access point for the emergency.



  • Rapid response by security elements.
  • Bilateral communication between mobile users and security and control posts.
  • Possibility of creating contingency plans for public emergency situations.
  • Broadcasting of information of general interest by system administrators.
  • Record the viewing time, displacement and duration of the Action for each alert.
  • Identification of the user who issues a photo alert.
  • Identification of the security element (private security, police, head of the unit) that displays the alert and intervenes.
  • Identification of the area where the alert is issued.
  • Alerts received in a personalized way at the assigned level.
  • Use of geographic coordinates in case of an alert made abroad.
  • Time record of each Share.
  • Possibility to register occurrences that go outside the scope of security, example: broken window, damaged equipment … etc!
  • Movement history
  • Contact list of emergency agencies for each location.
  • Hold responsible bodies and entities accountable.

Instant Alerts

Use internal alerts for quick response to minor clutter incidents and simultaneously notify security personnel on site.

On Time Location

Location data is delivered instantly to the entire team, allowing for a faster and more efficient response to the disorder situation.

Easy Integration

Compatibility, ease and speed of integration with other security systems already implemented. (Eg access control, video surveillance and others).



Plan and automate internal communications to maximize the efficiency of incident management and emergency response plans. Customize messages to send to pre-selected groups and / or individuals during a situational crisis.


The SIT No Panic team assistance feature allows authorized employees to communicate with groups or individuals without having to initiate a call. Internal groups and message templates are predetermined to allow quick communication and reduce response to problems.

The “home” is our “monitoring center”, We have all the information about possible occurrences that are happening. We are able to quickly understand the location of the occurrence, the most problematic areas, as well as a history of the occurrences. We also have information about the person who activated the alert, the type and level of the alert and by whom it was viewed / resolved.


Alert location map, alert identification, alert state identification by zone, alert history


Information on all areas, including how to get there


Information of all employees, with personal contact info and emergency contacts


Information of all important contacts of the security forces, firefighters, chiefs, service officers, etc


History of all reports


General software settings

More Information

Today, with the emergence of IT technologies, we live the era of the Technological Revolution. With the most technologically demanding population, it is crucial to create solutions that can exceed user expectations. SIT Sign is a complete communication solution that enables users to communicate immediately.

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